King County Council Meeting on Hold "In Light of New Information"

By Erica C. Barnett July 25, 2011

The King County Council is in the middle of a recess in the ongoing meeting about a proposed temporary $20 vehicle license fee to pay for Metro transit service. The recess was called by Republican Pete von Reichbauer, who conferred briefly with a council attorney outside council chambers and came back to announce that "in light of new information," he wanted the council to go on a 20-minute break. County council chair Bob Ferguson said he didn't know what the "new information" was, adding, "I was kicked out" when he tried to go back where von Reichbauer and the council attorney were meeting. The likely reason for the recess is that von Reichbauer, widely viewed as one of two Republicans (along with Jane Hague) who might swing in favor of the fee, has found a way to vote in favor of the measure.
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