Campaign Fizz: The Latest Numbers

By Erica C. Barnett July 27, 2011

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• The candidates in all this year's city council campaigns, as well as the pro- and anti-tunnel camps, have filed their final round of campaign-disclosure reports in advance of the August 16 primary. (Caveat: Candidates who are not on the primary ballot---that is, those who only have one opponent, and who will therefore go straight through to the general election---only had to report contributions and expenditures through June 30, while candidates and measures that are on the primary ballot, including the tunnel referendum, had to report contributions and expenditures through July 25.

Here are some of the fundraising highlights:

—City Council incumbents Bruce Harrell and Tom Rasmussen, neither of whom has a primary opponent, both have nearly 1,000 individual donors. Harrell, who has raised $230,610, has 950 donors, compared to his opponent Brad Meacham's $44,622 and 266 donors. Rasmussen, meanwhile, has raised $292,938 from 932 donors; his opponent Dale Pusey has not raised any money so far.

—The Families and Education Levy campaign has relied far more heavily on big contributions than any other campaign---with a total of $171,450, it has just 38 contributors, meaning the average contribution is more than $4,500.

—The pro-tunnel campaign continues to far outraise the anti-tunnel camp, thanks largely to big contributions from businesses and development firms that would benefit from the tunnel. Let's Move Forward, the pro-tunnel group, has raised $386,335, or nearly five times as much as the anti-tunnel Protect Seattle Now's $84,023.  Yesterday, the pro-tunnel camp claimed that they had more small donors than the anti-tunnel camp, a claim that comes with a bit of an asterisk.

• King County Executive Dow Constantine, who shared an awkward hug with Bellevue developer Kemper Freeman onstage at the Bellevue Rotary Club meeting yesterday (Constantine strongly opposes Tim Eyman's toll-killing I-1125, to which Freeman has contributed more than $1 million) posted a photo on his Facebook page yesterday of himself  and his political nemeses standing together and smiling after their appearance. (Not as great as the now famous Ron Sims/Tim Eyman hug shot, but still classic.)

The caption: "Bringing the region together." That's news to us: Just last week, Constantine called Freeman an "anti-light-rail zealot" on KUOW and noted that “If you shop at [Freeman's] Bellevue Square, you contribute to [the pro-1125] campaign."

• The Stranger released its primary endorsements today, calling all the incumbent Seattle City Council members "fucktards." They did endorse one of incumbent, though, Sally Clark, along with challengers Bobby Forch against Jean Godden (shunning her other two opponents, tunnel critic Michael Taylor-Judd and Maurice Classen and his "tunnel-humping penis"); urged a "no" vote on the tunnel referendum; and backed an anti-incumbent slate for school board, including longtime Greenwood activist Kate Martin. The Stranger describes the folks running for school board, including those they endorsed, as "all fucking crazy."

Read their full endorsements here.

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