Today's Winner: Jay Inslee

The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission went on record this weekend with the AP saying that Democratic gubernatorial candidate and US congressman Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA, 1) can "ask supporters to roll their past donations forward to his current campaign — without any limits."

Inslee has about $1.2 million in contributions left over from his previous elections for congress.

In other words, if Inslee held on to a contribution from one of his federal races in a surplus fund and transfers the money to his 2012 race for governor, the person or committee who made the contribution can still contribute another $3200 to Inslee in the 2012 campaign. Local campaign finance limits are $3,200 over the course of the primary and the general.

Federal limits have changed over the years, but under current rules—$5000 from an individual over the course on an election and $10,000 from a committee over the course of an election—it means that Microsoft, by way of example, could have already given Inslee $1 million over the last ten years and—assuming he's held on to those contributions in his surplus fund—they could add another $3200, the local max.

Currently, Inslee has raised $513,000 for the governor's race, according to the Public Disclosure Commission. His Republican opponent, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna, has raised about $668,000.

Inslee says he has about $200,000 in his congressional account that he's raised in the current cycle; that money, not part of a surplus fund, would be subject to local campaign finance limits.

Today's Loser

We don't know yet, but Erica is at the King County Council meeting where the council is currently hearing public testimony on the pending $20 car tab fee to stave off drastic cuts in bus service.

No matter how this vote goes, there's sure to be some losers when the vote is through. Watch for Erica's full report.
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