The Morning Blotter: Transient Tasers Man During Fight In Ballard

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 22, 2011

A man told police he was Tasered by a transient following a dispute in Ballard last week.

Just before 7:00 am on June 16th, the victim was walking down 20th and NW Market, when he walked by a man who was talking on a payphone while playing with a Taser.

As the victim walked by the suspect, one of the men—it's not entirely clear from the report—said "something to the effect [of] 'What are you looking at?'"

The suspect threatened to Taser the victim, and the two men got into an argument.

The suspect began chasing the victim down the street, and the two men struggled with each other until the suspect Tasered the victim on the chin.

During the altercation, the battery fell out of the suspect's Taser, but he continued jabbing the victim with it, a police report says.

The suspect picked up the battery, put it back in the Taser and resumed chasing the victim.

The suspect eventually fled northbound on 20th Ave.

The victim, who only sustained a small mark on his chin from the incident, told police he believes the suspect is a transient in the area, but did not know his name or where police could find him.

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