Suspected iPhone Extortionist Nailed in Downtown Ransom Exchange

By SeattleCrime Staff June 17, 2011

A man whose iPhone was being held for ransom called in some sweet justice on the streets of downtown Seattle Thursday afternoon. According to the SPD report on the incident, a man told police his phone had either been lost or stolen from him downtown earlier this month. The victim said he began receiving calls from a man who said he had the victim's phone and would return it. For a price. $450 at one, point, the man told police.

Thursday afternoon, the victim set up an appointment with the phone-napper to meet downtown for a handover of the cash in exchange for the return of the beloved communications device. The victim also called SPD and invited officers to the happy reunion.

SPD arrested the 42-year-old man who arrived at the exchange with the missing iPhone and booked him into jail for investigation of extortion.

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