The Seattle Times reports that of the candidates running for city council, including incumbents, only four have voted in every possible election for which they've been eligible over the past ten years. And one---Fathi Karshie, who's running against incumbent Sally Clark and has raised no money so far---hasn't voted in any of the 15 elections for which he has been eligible to vote in the last 10 years.

The only perfect voters---those who have voted in every single election, including primary elections and special (non-November) elections---were council incumbents Tom Rasmussen, Jean Godden, and Tim Burgess, and Godden challenger Michael Taylor-Judd.

Here's the Times' rundown.

Position 1
Maurice Classen: 6 missed out of a possible 21
Bobby Forch: 10 missed out of a possible 29
Michael Taylor-Judd: None missed
Jean Godden: None missed

Position 3
Brad Meacham: 3 missed out of 30
Bruce Harrell: 5 missed out of a possible 27

Position 5
Dale Pusey: 4 missed out of a possible 11
Rasmussen: None missed

Position 7
David Schraer: 1 out of a possible 29
Tim Burgess: None missed

Position 9
Fathi Karshie: 15 out of a possible 15
Sally Clark: 1 out of a possible 29
Dian Ferguson: 1 out of a possible 27
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