According to The Street, the city of Seattle ranks No. 8 on a list of major cities in terms of "convenience"---cities that are "both walkable and easily accessible by public transportation, with jobs, schools, hospitals, groceries, entertainment and other amenities all within striking distance."

Citing Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, and other dense neighborhoods like Ballard and Fremont (which the piece both misspells and calls "negotiable, lively, and funky," ugh), the article continues, "the light rail portion [of Seattle's transit system] is slated for significant expansion during the next few years, as is the Sounder commuter rail service that brought in 5.6 million riders from Everett, Tacoma and stops in between last year."

I'm skeptical---especially given that the story describes the ferry system as "the most visible mass transit in Seattle." On the other hand, it's nice to share company with San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Boston.
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