PubliCalendar Picks: C.R. Douglas' Last Show

By Josh Feit June 17, 2011

City Inside/Out with C.R. Douglas

On the set one last time

The last edition of City Inside/Out, the local civic affairs show starring invaluable Seattle Channel host C.R. Douglas' airs tonight at 7pm. I had the honor of being one of the guests on this finale to Douglas' inimitable run as the city's best-informed TV news host.

We taped this morning—the other guests were KIRO TV reporter Essex Porter, Seattle Times columnist Joni Balter, and Crosscut publisher David Brewster.

It was a lively discussion. We talked about: the tunnel referendum; Mayor Mike Mcginn; this year's city council races; and SPD Chief John Diaz.

Douglas has to keep moderating even after the cameras stop rolling.

Brewster had a contrarian point I hadn't heard before: The best thing for McGinn would be for the anti-tunnel people to lose their campaign.

And Porter noted a development I'd missed in the SPD drama: The union came out in favor of Diaz's recent double doses of cop discipline, the demotion of Shandy Cobane and the suspension of cops who got into a jawing match with suspects at a traffic stop. "The union supports the chief for disciplining cops? Twice? In one week!?" Porter exclaimed. "He's doing something right."

We also had great chocolate Bundt cake (baked by Douglas) to celebrate his last day.

Cheers Mr. Douglas. Be sure to watch Douglas in action one last time. It plays through the weekend and next week.

Seattle Channel, Ch. 21, Tonight at 7pm. And check the schedule for repeat broadcasts all weekend. It's on late.

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