Prosecutor Apologizes For "Poor Judgment" After Supreme Court Tosses Murder Case

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 15, 2011

The King County Senior Deputy Prosecutor who had a 2006 murder case tossed by the State Supreme Court for committing "prosecutorial misconduct" has apologized for the "racist remarks" he made during during the trial.

James Konat sent out a letter to his co-workers at the prosecutor's office earlier today, apologizing for his "poor judgment":

When the Supreme Court issued it's opinion in State v. Monday last week I know that many people knew nothing of the case.  I  appreciate that the language I used in that case four years ago is opening new wounds all across our community.  I understand that my behavior has jarred the confidence of many people who work in this office.  I also understand that it has caused many of my colleagues to question their dedication to an office that was embarrassed publicly last week as a result of my poor judgment.

I feel horrible that I did not do a better job of shouldering my portion of the enormous responsibility we all share in the King County Prosecutor's Office.  I regret my remarks and I am disappointed that I did not do a better job of focusing my comments on the evidence and the defendant's behavior at the time of Mr. Greene's murder.  I want to apologize for my actions and the fact that they have tarnished the criminal justice system, the hard work of the Seattle Police department, and the honorable endeavors of my fellow prosecutors.

James Jude Konat

As we reported, this wasn't the first time Konat made controversial remarks in court

Konat's currently handling two very high-profile murder trials: the South Park and Carnation cases.

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