Police To Step Up Patrols In Nightlife Hotspots This Summer

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 7, 2011

SPD's dusting off their Late Night Public Safety Emphasis Patrols to make sure you behave yourself this summer.

Members of SPD's Anti-Crime, Traffic and SWAT units will retasked on Friday and Saturday nights this summer to keep the peace in busy nightlife spots around the city like:


The area of NE. 43rd St. to  NE. 47th  St.  / 7th Ave. NE to Roosevelt  Ave. NE  (Club Fusion)

The area of NE 42nd  St. to NE 52nd St.  /  12 Ave, NE to 15th Ave. NE

36th Ave. N  from  Phinney  Ave N to Fremont Ave. N.


Bell Town  (same as last year)

Yesler Way to S. King St.   /  1st and 2nd Ave S

700 block to 1700 block of Westlake Ave N.


Broadway Ave. E to 12 Ave. E  / E. Madison St to E. Pine St.

28th Ave. S. and S. Jackson St.  to include one block in each direction


1st Ave. South from S. Spokane St. to S. Holgate St.

Rainier Ave. S. and S. Henderson St. to include one block in each direction


35th Ave. SW. and SW Graham to include one block in each direction

Alki Beach front along Alki Ave. SW

Or, if reading all of that's too much for you, here's a picture version:

In other news, Magnolia totally needs a nightclub.

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