Police Say Troubled Aurora Motel Is "Chronic Nuisance"

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 17, 2011

Seattle police have told the owners of the Everspring Inn on Aurora Ave to clean up their act, or face hefty fines from the city.

A little more than month after we first told you SPD planned to go after the Everspring—located at 82nd and Aurora Ave N—the department has served the motel's owners with Nuisance Property Ordinance letter, citing numerous incidents of drug activity at the business.

The Everspring's owners will now have to meet with SPD and find a way to eliminate drug activity at the motel, or face penalties of up to $25,000.

Police tell us the Everspring has been a crime hotspot for years. In one recent high-profile incident, a rape suspect died after he was Tasered by police at the motel in 2010.

In January, the Everspring was sold at auction but, despite the change of ownership, the property has still been plagued with problems.

In April, a burglary investigation led police to the Everspring after an employee found a bundle of stolen money orders stashed in a light fixture in the motel's elevator.. At the motel, officers learned a prolific bike thief was staying in a room, and police later recovered a number of stolen bicycles on the property.

The department's Nuisance Property Letter also lists a number of drug-related incidents investigated at the motel this year:

On February 9th, officers contacted the occupants of a suspicious vehicle in the motel's parking lot, and recovered drug paraphernalia—a rubber hose and glass pipe.

The next day, police and Department of Corrections officers were checking on several people on DOC supervisions living at the mote, and found .3 grams of crack cocaine in their room.

On March 3rd, a Secret Service Agent investigating a counterfeit money operation at the motel found drug paraphernalia and 5.5 grams of heroin at the motel.

A week later, on March 10th, officers serving an arrest warrant at the motel found 4.6 grams of heroin and .7 grams of crack cocaine in a room. Later that day, police contacted a warrant suspect at the motel, and caught the man trying to stash a glass pipe. Officers also recovered a syringe and heroin from the man and arrested him.

On March 24th, police were checking a room at the motel for "suspicious activity," and recovered a crack pipe and 33.4 grams of cocaine.

On April 6th, officers found a ziplock baggie with meth inside in a room at Everspring.

The next day, officers also recovered heroin during another arrest at the motel.


Police tell us the Everspring's owners have already agreed to meet with SPD and the City Attorney's office next week to address problems at the motel.

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