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New Paid Sick Leave Proposal Out Tomorrow

By Erica C. Barnett June 20, 2011

A group of small business owners and progressive groups like the Economic Opportunity Institute will roll out legislation tomorrow that would require employers to pay for sick leave. The new "compromise" version of the legislation now has the support of some restaurant owners, including Five Point owner David Meinert, who opposed an earlier version of the bill, which they said did not give their employees enough flexibility to do things like swap shifts instead of taking paid time off.

Nick Licata, the sponsor of the legislation being unveiled tomorrow, says the new version provides "more flexibility specifically for restaurant owners" who initially opposed the legislation. Marilyn Watkins, policy director for EOI, says the latest version of the bill does "not include fewer sick days overall"---the initial proposal required large businesses to provide nine sick days, and smaller ones to provide five---but does include "a number of changes that provide flexibility."

Employees could use their sick time to recover from illness, to care for family members, to seek services related to domestic violence or stalking, or to stay home during a public health emergency (like swine flu). In San Francisco, where voters passed a similar ordinance in 2007, more than two-thirds of all employers support the law.

The group will roll out the new compromise ordinance tomorrow morning at 11:30, downstairs at city hall.
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