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By Morning Fizz June 10, 2011

1. "The single biggest job creators in the State of Washington and the United States of America are those clean energy advocates who are in this room tonight."

—US Rep. (and likely Democratic candidate for governor) Jay Inslee, speaking to his enviro base at last night's King County Conservation Voters gala. Similarly, one night earlier, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna spoke to his GOP base at his campaign announcement in Bellevue, pushing education reform and "bipartisanship."

2. "Less Likely to Support"

—What 40 percent of voters said in a new SuveryUSA/KING5 poll when asked how Rob McKenna's anti-health care reform lawsuit would affect their opinion of him in the governor's race.

36 percent went with "more likely" and  22 percent said it made no difference.

3. "The Preferred Alternative ...  includes a number of features to reduce neighborhood and park effects, improve regional and local transit connections, and enhance compatibility with potential future light rail transit in the corridor.

—The Final Environmental Impact Statement on the state's preferred option to replace 520, which Mayor Mike McGinn says will not accommodate light rail and will have too great an impact on adjacent neighborhoods.

3. "Possible"

—DC news site Politico this morning, rating the likelihood of a U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) moving to Washington State to run for Congress.

4. "Evidently, Rob McKenna is a tax and spend Republican."

—What Josh plans to say on Weekday this morning with Steve Scher. Tune in KUOW 97.9 at 10 this morning to hear his explanation. Josh will be on the show reviewing the news of the week.

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