Man Stabbed In the Face Near Garfield High School

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 17, 2011

Police say a man stabbed in the face near Garfield High School earlier this week initially refused to help officers find his assailant.

Around 3:45 am on June 12th, a man flagged down two patrol officers driving by 23rd Ave and E Cherry st.

The man told officers someone had cut him, but refused to provide any more information.

Police say the man sustained a half to three-quarter inch puncture wound on his face.

The man told officers his assailant had approached him from behind, and stabbed him.

An ambulance arrived to transport the victim to Harborview, and police apparently decided they needed to pat the victim down.

As officers were frisking the suspect, the man  gave police the name of a possible suspect, but would not give officers more details about the incident.

"I know it was him," the man told officers, before adding that he "didn't want everyone to know his business."

"It was obvious that [the victim] knew more about this attack than what he was willing to tell me," Officer Steven Leonard wrote in his report.

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