Man Charged In Speakeasy Case Now A Fugitive

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 28, 2011

A King County Superior Court judge has issued a bench warrant for one of the defendants charged in connection with several illegal gambling clubs broken up by Seattle police in 2009 after he failed to show up for court earlier this month.

The judge issued a $5,000 bench warrant for Howard Thoren Honeycutt—who is facing gambling and drug charges in connection with a two-year SPD investigation into several underground card rooms in Seattle—after he missed a TK court appearance.

Howard Thoren Honeycutt and six other men are accused of working pitbosses, security, or poker dealers at card rooms in Capitol Hill, and in Ballard and Belltown between August 2007 and June 2009.

Before Honeycutt apparently went on the lam, the judge in the case had already issued a warrant for one of his co-defendants, Rashad Thompson, for failing to appear in court.

Two of Honeycutt's co-defendants have pleaded guilty as part of a deal with prosecutors.

Prosecutors initially gave the other five defendants in the case until last week to accept or decline the plea deals, but prosecutors have apparently extended that deadline and given the men until next month to think the deal over.

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