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It all feels connected...

By Josh Feit June 28, 2011

With Josh and Erica away, Morning Fizz is taking the late bus to work.   With phone turned off and iPod up their frantic calls are not that annoying...

1. Polling results dictate Inslee’s Kickoff Speech (and McKenna’s)-You rarely get such a clear view of a campaign's polling results so early in the season than seeing the kickoff speech.  Coverage of Congressman Jay Inslee's speech yesterday showed, no shock, that Democratic primary voters are fixated on the recession and they see green jobs and growth as the best way to right the economic ship.  Attorney General McKenna's speech also talked about the flailing economy (who says America is divided?) but spoke to his base by talking about shrinking Washington's government.  These results are a bit of a political Rorschach test of primary voters for each party.

Both candidates also tried to shake up their speeches with initiatives that Fizz is guessing were polled to get the candidates out of a cookie cutter box.  McKenna focused a lot of his speech on an education plan that has been roundly attacked while Inslee was criticized for a plan to use state pension funds to invest in startup companies that will remain in Washington.  Both plans might have baked a little longer but they are at least giving each campaign's research staff something to keep them busy in the normally quiet months besides commenting on Publicola.

2. It all feels connected when you see the news that this recession is continuing to thrash local government budgets.  Bellevue announced yesterday that they are facing a $6 million deficit soon after passing their budget.  Just as in item #1, Bellevue has some important city council elections coming up and these cuts just add to the Eastside fireworks.

3. Finally, we all awoke to some fascinating crime stories in Seattle.  What is puzzling Fizz is that in reality, Seattle crime rates continue to fall, despite the economy.  Even our regional specialty, car thefts, are down compared to last year.  Seems counter intuitive to us.

Publicola readers are a really smart bunch...why do you think crime rates are dropping?
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