The zoning around the planned Roosevelt light-rail station in Northeast Seattle has garnered an unusual amount of attention lately, as city leaders, neighborhood activists, and transit advocates have all weighed in on the question that inevitably arises every time Seattle proposes building transit-oriented development---that's density to you and me---at transit hubs.

Some in the neighborhood protest that they spent years working with the city and Sound Transit to come up with a sensible plan to increase density in the neighborhood, and that the city has no right to upend those negotiations now. Others, including Mayor Mike McGinn and city council member Tim Burgess, argue that the city should take advantage of the demand for housing around the new station by allowing buildings as tall as 65 or 85 feet in its immediate vicinity.

In today's ThinkTank, two Roosevelt residents, Jim O'Halloran and Kevin Futhey, weigh in.
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