"His decision making has become politically motivated and not justice based."

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee June 8, 2011

The union for SPD management lashed out at City Attorney Pete Holmes yesterday, calling his decision to file charges against Officer James Lee—who kicked a teenage boy during an arrest in Downtown Seattle last October—a "deplorable miscarriage of justice."

The Seattle Police Management Association on Tuesday slammed City Attorney Pete Holmes, saying he had "lost objectivity" and made a "deplorable miscarriage of justice" in deciding to charge an officer with misdemeanor assault.

Holmes responded by saying his actions are based on law, not politics.

In a statement sent Tuesday, the association that represents lieutenants and captains said: "We share the concern of other City employees that his decision making has become politically motivated and not justice based."

The statement came in response to Holmes' filing a fourth-degree assault charge against Officer James Lee, who kicked a teen during an Oct. 18 incident in Belltown.

The suspect fled after an undercover drug-buy went wrong, and an officer was assaulted. Lee found the teen at Joe's Mart and kicked him multiple times.

The teen was charged with first-degree attempted robbery, but later acquitted in King County Superior Court. In February he filed a claim seeking $450,000 from the city, saying he was the victim of "unjustified and excessive force."

Lee's use of force was investigated by the Washington State Patrol. He has pleaded not guilty to the gross misdemeanor.

"Our decision to charge was solely based on the investigative facts presented by the State Patrol and the law," Holmes said in a statement.

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