NYT's First Female Executive Editor

By Afternoon Jolt June 2, 2011

Today's winner: The ladies.

It only took 160 years, but the Gray Lady has finally hired its first female top editor: Jill Abramson, formerly the New York Times' managing editor for news, will replace Bill Keller as executive editor of the paper.

Described by Politico as "fearless," "tough," and "masculine" (sigh), Abramson has been at the Times since 1997, when she was hired away from the Wall Street Journal.

Just two months ago, in response to a comically fawning report on white male wunderkind bloggers, Erica lamented that there weren't more female writers at the NYT, writing, "I'd love to see the Times provide a little room at the boys’ table for one of the many incredibly talented and qualified female bloggers and reporters who’ve been toiling away unheralded in the trenches for years."

Maybe under Abramson, they'll have a shot.
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