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Zombies to March on Olympia

By Andrew Calkins May 12, 2011

Undead Olympia, the blog chronicling the 2011 legislative session from the perspective of the world's undead beings, has inspired a rally tomorrow. They anonymous bloggers behind Olympia's blog of the dead are promoting the event, calling it a "Day of the living night: Zombie hordes to descend on State Capitol this Friday the 13th."

The rally organizers have sent out two formal invitations to Tim Eyman and Sen. Don Benton (R-17, Vancouver), but have "not yet confirmed whether they will attend."

It's unlikely Benton will show—the blog has taken particular aim at the Republican budget hawk this session, and has even called him the "inspiration" for the "slow march." Over the last few months the blog has picked on Republicans and Democrats alike in an effort to highlight the effect of budget cuts on the poor.


Undead Olympia's favorite zombie senator, Don Benton.

Over 100 people have confirmed their attendance at the march's Facebook page.

More from the Undead Olympia press release:
Despite a state budget debate that reflects the key zombie priorities of government — bleed support for the poor, cut gaping holes in services for working families, and protect the flow of money into bank vaults — zombies are marching out of concern that the complete evisceration of the hearts, brains, and spines of the state’s elected leaders could endanger key parts of the zombie food chain.

Zombie concerns were raised further with the recent release of a statewide poll commissioned by KING-5 which suggests more than half of humans in the state may be interested in making it easier to close tax loopholes for critical economic activities like big bank profiteering and elective cosmetic surgery. Some doubt whether their usual communications effort – “uhhhhhh, tax bad, uhhhhhhhh, waste fraud tax” — will win the day in yet another debate. (BP, Tesoro, and JP Morgan Chase will surely contribute to the cause once more.)
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