Where Are All The Medical Pot Dispensaries In Seattle?

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee May 25, 2011

With the state legislature's long slow trudge toward medical marijuana reform taking all kinds of weird twists and turns, it appears the city is looking for ways to regulate pot on its own.

City Attorney Pete Holmes has already effectively decriminalized pot by declining to file marijuana cases. Now, his office has begun tracking the growing medical pot industry in the Seattle area, in case the city needs to step in and regulate them.

Last week, the city attorney's office provided us with a list they've compiled of dispensaries in the Seattle area, apparently using something called THCfinder and Weedmaps.

"Pete is a big propnent of medical marijuana legislation," says City Attorney's Office spokeswoman Kimberly Mills. "He wants to have a list of the dispensaries that now exist. It's good to know where they case we end up needing to regulate them."

Mills says her office hasn't used the list for "anything, specifically."

Following last month's marijuana grow op burglary-turned-shooting-spree, at least one community group has gotten together to talk about if/how pot dispensaries might fit into neighborhoods.

This is obviously going to be a big topic of conversation over the next year or two, so we thought we'd give folks a look at where pot dispensaries are clustered in Seattle. We've created a map using the data we've obtained from the City Attorney's office. About a dozen dispensaries aren't listed because the documents the City Attorney's office provided did not include addresses for the businesses.


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