Courtesy of my home state and hometown: Texas state Rep. Senfronia Thompson, D-Houston, got a standing ovation on the floor of the Texas House floor last night, when she blasted what she described as an ongoing lack of respect for women in the state Legislature. The culminating event was a flyer distributed by a group called the Texas Civil Justice League, which showed a photo of a baby nursing on a woman's breast to illustrate the group's claim that amendments added to a bill about consolidated insurance programs would lead to a "nanny state" in Texas.

“I am really disgusted,” Thompson---who has been in the legislature since 1972 and who sponsored Texas' landmark James Byrd, Jr. hate crimes law--- said. “I am really ashamed. Some of you may find these funny. I find these hateful. They foster violence and disrespect towards women. I am appalled that the Texas Civil Justice League would go so low to get at a piece of legislation.”

This state legislative session has been particularly bad for women in Texas. The legislature has passed, and Gov. Rick Perry has signed, laws forcing women to undergo sonograms, hear a detailed description of the fetus, and wait 24 hours before obtaining an abortion and slashing funding for Planned Parenthood.

Watch Thompson's whole speech here:
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