The Morning Blotter: Viaduct Construction Worker Tracks Down, Beats Up GPS Thieves

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee May 17, 2011

Police arrested two men for attempting to rip off an unbelievably expensive GPS unit from a construction site last week, after a construction worker chased the suspects down and beat them up.

Just before 12:30am on May 14th, police were called to E Marginal Way S and S Stacy St for a report of a fight.

Officers arrived and found "two males bleeding heavily from their face and head," a police report says.

The men told police another man in a white Chevy Tahoe pulled up next to them on the street, got out, "and began punching them for no reason" before he left the scene. The men told officers "they had no idea why" he attacked them.

The two men told officers they did not want to file a police report, and "would get a lawyer and deal with this situation."

Several witnesses who saw the fight told police they had seen a man wearing a construction vest pull up to the scene in a white truck, and confront the two men, telling them to "give me back my equipment."

All three men got into a fight. The construction worker won.

He picked something up off the ground, then got back in his truck and drove off, leaving the two other men bleeding on the street.

As officers were talking to witnesses at the scene, the construction worker drove by and contacted police.

The man told officers he and his crew were doing work for the viaduct replacement project about two blocks away, when they heard the alarm on a $20,000 GPS unit go off.

The construction worker told officer he saw the two suspects running away from his construction site, carrying the GPS unit.

He jumped in his truck and caught up with them, approached the men, and demanded they give back his GPS.

One of the suspects threw an elbow at the construction worker, while the other suspect apparently jumped on him.

The construction worker fended off the suspects, punching them in the heads and face, and took back his GPS.

He identified the two bloodied men at the scene as the suspects, and police took them into custody.

Police took one of the suspects to Harborview for an apparent broken nose before booking both men into the King County Jail for investigation of robbery.

See what a mess that construction made over a little old GPS unit? Just imagine what that guy might do if someone took his job.

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