The Morning Blotter: Man Stabbed With Fork At SoDo Homeless Camp

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee May 12, 2011

A dispute over beer at a SoDo homeless encampment turned violent last week after one man stabbed another man with a fork, and threatened him with a gun, a police report says.

Around 7:30 p.m. on May 4th, police received a report that a man was waving a gun around and threatening people at a homeless encampment on Airport Way S and S Bayview.

Officers contacted a group of homeless people under I-5, and detained a man who matched the description of the suspect.

Police spoke with another man at the scene, who told police he'd been attacked by the armed man after a fight over beer turned violent.

The victim told officers he'd been drinking with friends when the suspect showed up and started arguing with the victim about his beer (the report doesn't detail the specific nature of the argument).

The report gets a bit confusing from there, but it appears the suspect stabbed the victim in the hand with  a "metal dinner fork," and then went to his tent, got a Tech-9 handgun, and told the victim he was 'a soldier" before he threatened to kill him.

Police arrived shortly after the incident and took the suspect into custody.

Officers seized the fork used in the attack, and booked the man into the King County jail for felony assault.

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