Medicare or Illegal Immigrants?

By Josh Feit May 25, 2011

Democratic bloggers, including Slog writer Goldy, are excited about Democratic candidate Kathy Hochul's special election win in a New York State congressional district that's been in Republican hands for 40 years.

Hochul ran against Republican U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare plan, which substitutes ongoing coverage for a free-market voucher.

However, there's a quiet paragraph in the New York Times story that hyperventilating Democrats should take note of.
As the clerk of Erie County, she oversees the automobile bureau, which issue driver’s licenses; Ms. Hochul gained prominence in 2008 when she challenged former Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s plan to issue licenses to illegal immigrants.

“I remember when she was in the auto bureau in Buffalo, she did a lot with the license plates,” said Jim Van Wagner, a Republican and former auto worker from Albion, adding, “She’s a good one.”
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