For once, we feel nothing but sympathy for Mayor Mike McGinn. KOMO reports that TV news reporters showed up after 10:00 last night to ambush the mayor with questions about his decision to hire David Hiller, the polarizing former lobbyist for the Cascade Bicycle Club, as a top-level advisor in his office.

Hiller was at the bike club for eight years; his boss, Cascade executive director Chuck Ayers, was fired in part because he refused to fire Hiller, who made several inflammatory statements about bike-lane opponents in the press. (Ayers was later reinstated).

KOMO reports:
The Seattle mayor's office sent an email to local television news outlets Friday asking them not to "crowd around" Mayor Mike McGinn at public events or to contact the mayor at 10 p.m. at home.

The email, from McGinn's assistant communications director Aaron Pickus, included a photo demonstrating how news teams should conduct themselves - by standing obediently several feet away from the mayor during question-and-answer sessions. ...

[A] KOMO News reporter and photographer went to McGinn's house at 9:05 p.m. to see if he was available to talk about the surprise appointment.

The KOMO crew went to McGinn's house after multiple calls to the newly-appointed advisor were not returned, and in an attempt to get additional comment beyond what Pickus was able to provide.

Dude, if I showed up at the mayor's house every time Aaron Pickus didn't answer my questions, I'd be spending a lot of time in Greenwood.
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