KUOW Host Explains Decision to Cut Cliff Mass

By Josh Feit May 20, 2011

As Morning Fizz reported, KUOW decided to stop broadcasting longtime KUOW Weekday weatherman Cliff Mass. As Mass, a UW meteorologist, explained on his blog, KUOW didn't like that he was voicing his (unflattering) opinions about UW.

Later this morning, KUOW Weekday host Steve Scher posted his reason for canceling Mass' segment:
To All,

With sadness I must announce that I have released Cliff Mass from his weekly weather and science segment on Weekday.   For more than 15 years Cliff has been a regular volunteer, contributor presenting an informative and entertaining segment about science and weather.  Over time Cliff began inserting his opinion on a wider range of issues outside of science and weather, most notably education.  [pullquote]Although we value Cliff’s opinion I do not want the weather segment to become an opinion and views segment.[/pullquote]  Every Weekday we use a full hour to take up controversial issues  which brings many voices with a variety of opinions and views.

I spoke with Cliff on several occasions about my concerns but Cliff disagreed that his science and weather segment should not include his views about other subjects.  As a result I have decided to terminate Cliff’s weather and science segment.  We will continue to look at other ways to involve Cliff on Weekday that will allow him to share his expertise on other issues.  Below is the e-mail that I sent to Cliff discussing this relationship.


Steve Scher
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