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An Outtake From Our Freshman Quiz

By Andrew Calkins May 27, 2011

We just got an email from Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon (D-34, Burien), who is a little miffed that he was the sole freshman legislator to receive a PubliCola report card (we gave him a 3.9); he's getting razzed by his colleagues for being a PubliCola pet. We did, admittedly, drop the ball on that series when we got caught up in a whirlwind of special session news: the debt limit, workers' comp, and the budget.

We had a couple more quiz results queued up from fellow freshman legislators Rep. David Frockt (D-46, Seattle) and Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D-27, Tacoma), though we never heard back from any Eastside Republicans in our plan to grade this year's Puget Sound area Freshman.

Though we never published those report cards, Fitzgibbon's email reminded us that Jinkins' candid response to one of the questions — Who's the scariest upperclassman?—was worth publishing in its own right. Here it is:
Ross Hunter—because he's got strong opinions about what he thinks, and he doesn't mind telling you at all and he doesn't mind telling you that you're wrong. He's somebody that when you talk to him you better have thought through what you're asking because his tolerance level for not having thought through something is very low, but I think that's important for a legislator in his position.

P.S. Fitzgibbon didn't score to well on that question, by the way, copping out with a diplomatically correct answer about his upperclass seatmate, Rep. Eileen Cody, who is far from the scariest legislator in the house.

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