The Morning Blotter: Woman Attacked At Greenlake Park & Ride

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 28, 2011

A woman walked into the West Precinct last week and told police three men had attacked her, robbed her, and tried to force her into their car at the Greenlake Park and Ride.

According to a report on the incident, the woman parked her car in the Metro Park & Ride lot at 65th and 8th Ave N around 6:00 pm and walked to a friend's house.

The woman returned to her car later that evening, and was walking through the Park & Ride lot when  three men got out of a black Chrysler 300 and surrounded her.

The report says one of the men grabbed the woman's arm and snatched her purse, and the woman told police she believed the men were trying to force her into their car

The woman told police she fought with the suspects, biting one of them, and was able to get away.

The three men got into their car and left the scene

The report says the woman was attacked on April 22nd but waited two days to report it.

It appears police are not investigating the woman's claim—the report lists the case as "inactive." We'll try to find out more, and we'll update if we get more info.

Update: Police tell us this case was inactivated due to a lack of evidence to follow up on in the case. The woman couldn't provide police with a license plate number, so detectives don't have much to go on. However, police have put out a bulletin to patrol officers, telling them to keep an eye out for a black Chrysler 300 with chrome rims, like the one described in this case.

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