The Morning Blotter: West Seattle Has Another Polite Robber

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 15, 2011

Just two weeks after a judge sentenced West Seattle's infamous Polite Robber for a hold-up at a gas station, Seattle police are looking for another well-mannered bandit in the neighborhood.

The suspect in a robbery earlier this week in West Seattle told his victim he was sticking him up so he could "feed his family," and tried to shake the victim's hand after he handed over his cash, according to a police report.

Just before 11:00 p.m. on April 11th, the victim of the robbery was walking home from a bus stop at California Ave SW and SW Manning St when the suspect walked up to him and grabbed his arm.

The suspect reached into his jacket, pulled out a "glock-looking" handgun, and told the victim to hand over his wallet, according to police.

The suspect then "stated he needed to feed his family," the police report says.

When the victim gave the suspect $12—apparently not all of the money in his wallet—the report says the suspect "took the money and thanked [the victim], attempting to shake his hand."

Police say the victim "declined shaking the suspects hand."

The suspect then fled southbound on California Ave. The victim called police, but officers—including a K9 unit—weren't able to find the suspect.

Two weeks ago, a King County Superior Court judge sentenced Seattle's other famously Polite Robber, Gregory Hess, to 60 months in prison after he pulled a realistic-looking BB gun on a gas station clerk and meekly told him "I'm robbing you, sir," last February.

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