The Morning Blotter: Man Says Drug Dealer Shot At Him In University District

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 20, 2011

A police report says a man told officers a drug dealer attacked him and shot at him in the University District last week after the man refused to buy from him.

The victim contacted police around 2:15 am on April 16th, and said that earlier in the evening he'd been walking through a parking lot at 50th and University (presumably the one by the Jack in the Box and Safeway) when another man had approached him and tried to sell him heroin, cocaine, and weed.

The man told police that when he refused to purchase any of the dealer's wares, the dealer hit him in the head.

The victim walked away from the dealer and flagged down an officer in a patrol car nearby, and pointed out the suspect to police. However, the victim apparently didn't want to file a report, and the officer left the scene.

A few moments later, the victim says he heard a gunshot, and took off running.

The report says the victim believes the suspect saw him talking to officers, "and fired the shot at him in retaliation for contacting police."

The man then contacted police again, and gave them information about both incidents.

The report notes that police didn't receive any other reports of gunfire in the area.

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