Six Seattle University Students Robbed Near Campus This Morning

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee April 8, 2011

Seattle University sent out a warning to students this morning after six men were robbed at gunpoint near campus:

At approximately 1:15 AM this morning SPD officers notified Seattle University DPS officers, of a robbery report they had received from six male students, who had just been held up near Boren & E. Fir (approximately five blocks south of campus). The students reported they were sitting on a park bench, smoking cigars, when two unknown males approached them.  The two suspects asked the students for a cigarette, which they smoked while chatting with the students. A couple of minutes later one of the suspect's said "they were going to have to take their stuff", as one suspect was now holding what appeared to be a hand gun. The suspects took the student’s wallets, cell phones, and a small camera. The two suspects then left the park area on foot. Seattle Police officers searched all city streets around the small park, but no one matching the suspect's descriptions was located.

The suspects were described as two males in their early 20s. The suspect armed was described to be 5'10'', medium build; wearing a Minnesota Twin's baseball hat; red and black hooded sweatshirt, baggy jeans, and had a goatee. The second suspect was described as being 5’8”, thin build; wearing a white hooded sweatshirt with gray circle designs; baggy jeans; and wore a diamond earring.

This incident is being investigated by the Seattle Police Department.  If you have any additional information regarding this crime, please call Seattle Police at 911 or the DPS office at (206)296-5990.


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