Filmmaker Cioffi Makes it Official; Challenges Rasmussen

By Erica C. Barnett April 6, 2011

As PubliCola first reported a month ago, local indie filmmaker Sandy Cioffi plans to run for city council. Today, Cioffi made it official, announcing that she plans to run against incumbent Tom Rasmussen.

In a statement announcing her candidacy this morning, Cioffi said, “Our city’s policies should be a reflection of our citizen’s progressive values. Far too often, our elected officials are not providing the leadership to make that happen. Lobbyists have too many seats at the table and more influence than appropriate. Frankly, Seattle’s appetite for excellence is not being met."

Cioffi is the first candidate to declare against Rasmussen. Previously, she said she was considering every incumbent up for reelection except Sally Clark. As of the end of February, Rasmussen had raised $178,000 and had $147,000 in the bank.
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