The Morning Blotter: "Nothing Good Was About To Happen"

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee March 24, 2011

An armed, masked man mugged three people at gunpoint in a Central District park earlier this week, according to a police report.

According to police, the three victims were sitting on a picnic table in a park near 22nd and Jackson at about 7:45pm when a man wearing a ski mask approached them.

One of the victims "immediately determined that that nothing good was about to happen," a police report says, and he immediately stood up and tried to walk away.

The suspect told the victim to stop, then walked up to him, stuck the barrel of a revolver in the victim's stomach, and said "motherfucker, give me your shit," according to the report.

The masked man patted down the victim and waved the gun at his two friends, before he ordered them all to lay on the ground. The suspect  then warned them, "don't make me cap anyone," and then asked the victims "whatcha got? weed, money?," the report says.

While all three victims were on the ground, a second suspect approached the victims, and patted them down, taking one victim's cell phone.

The suspects then fled.

The victims apparently waited a half-hour to call police. When an officer asked the victims why they waited so long to call 911, one of the victim said "he was not going to even call the police but his mom had told him to because she needed the case number to cancel his cell phone."

Police were not able to locate the suspects near the scene.

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