The Morning Blotter: Another University District Robbery

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee March 25, 2011

A police report released earlier this week had details on another robbery near UW's campus.

At about 1:45am on March 19t, two victims were walking east on 8th and NE 47th when a man "appeared out of the shadows" and said "Give me your wallets, I have a gun in my hand," according to the police report.

The suspect had his hand in his waistband, but the victims never saw a gun.

Both victims handed over their wallets, and the suspect fled northbound.

The victims called 911, and police searched the area for the suspect.

Officers didn't find him, but they did speak with several witnesses, who told police the suspect may have gotten into a Dodge Durango not far from the scene.

Police also checked security camera footage at a store two blocks from the scene of the robbery, and may have identified a possible suspect.

A clerk at the store told police the possible suspect is a "regular," and usually stops by late at night.

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