Commenters at the Seattle Times are outraged---outraged!---at the news, reported by Mike Lindblom, that Sound Transit CEO Joni Earl is likely to get a $6,000 performance bonus this year and a 3 percent raise.

The increase would put Earl's total salary at just over $200,000.

Sure, that is---as Lindblom notes---more than Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn or Gov. Chris Gregoire. But it's hard to argue that Earl doesn't deserve it. (Unless you believe, as many commenters seem to, that "no one rides" Link light rail or that public servants don't deserve decent salaries). In her more than decade-long tenure at the head of Sound Transit, Earl has turned the once-disreputable agency around, getting costs in control, opening light rail on time, improving staff morale, and earning high marks from auditors the agency's vastly improved financial performance.

To put Earl's salary and bonus in context: The Seattle Port Commission just gave Port CEO Tay Yoshitani a raise of 9 percent, bringing his base salary to $366,825, plus "deferred compensation" after he leaves of $100,000.
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