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PubliCalendar Says: Go See Michael Showalter at the Triple Door

By Josh Feit March 8, 2011

PubliCola's pick for tonight? The ludicrous asides of comedian Michael Showalter.

Cola Calender Editor Anand writes:
Alt-comedy icon Michael Showalter pioneered the so-dumb-it's-funny-but-also-dumb sketches that winked along with the audience of the TV show The State and Wet Hot American Summer.

It's easy to see why his following is a cult: Showalter's humor doesn't follow convention and makes his lack of traditional structure the joke. He takes pop culture references and riddles them with ludicrous asides until his mangled train of thought has boxcar children living in it.

For tonight's show, Showalter will read selections from his comedic memoir, "Mr. Funny Pants," sharing stories from his life on the road and about his "pee-hole." $15.

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