My Ballard: Bagshaw "Loves" Idea of Bike Boulevards

By Erica C. Barnett March 11, 2011

The My Ballard blog reports that city council member Sally Bagshaw told the Ballard District Council this week that a group is forming to look into the idea of building bike boulevards in Seattle. Bike boulevards are low-speed streets where traffic is discouraged from moving quickly by things like speed bumps, bike cut-outs at intersections, and large areas dedicated exclusively to bike traffic.
Bagshaw says a group is forming in Seattle to explore bringing this idea to Seattle. The group will consist of the head of the Seattle Department of Transportation, public utilities, city light, Department of Planning and Development and Seattle Parks & Recreation. Their goal will be to look “at how and where we can take some advantage of these.” Bagshaw says she would like to see these boulevards connecting neighborhood parks together.

The goal, Bagshaw said, is to "make a bike street or walking street so safe that you’d let your 8-year-old daughter be out riding her bike alone.”
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