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McGinn on Low Approval Ratings: "People Have Lots of Opinions"

By Erica C. Barnett March 30, 2011

At this morning's press conference, which focused on the city budget and city attorney Pete Holmes' lawsuit to avert a vote on three city-state agreements on the deep-bore tunnel, reporters asked Mayor Mike McGinn how he interpreted a poll released yesterday in which more than two-thirds of voters disapproved of McGinn's performance, and that even those who agreed with him on the deep-bore tunnel still didn't think he was doing a good job as mayor.

McGinn breezily dismissed the results, noting that when he ran for office, no one, including pollsters, thought he stood a chance.

"People have lots of opinions on lots of different topics, and that's expected and appropriate," McGinn said. "When I ran, if you looked at the polls, people would think I didn't have any chance" of winning. "And I just kept on listening, kept on working hard, and [kept on] looking at the right things."

"When you ask hard questions it's going to create a little controversy and that's what I believe I was elected to do---ask the hard questions," McGinn said.
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