Mayor's Consultant Gives $4,500 to Anti-Tunnel Campaign

By Erica C. Barnett March 7, 2011

Mayor Mike McGinn and his staffer Ainsley Close aren't the only members of Team McGinn who're working actively on a campaign to kill the tunnel. Bill Broadhead, McGinn's (and his fellow tunnel opponent Mike O'Brien's) chief consultant during his campaign last year, has contributed $4,500 to Protect Seattle Now to pay Auburn-based Petition Management Services to gather signatures for an anti-tunnel referendum. The referendum would overturn three agreements the city council signed with the state to allow the deep-bore tunnel to move forward.

The campaign has said it plans to spend $2 for each signature it gathers from Seattle voters.

Other longtime McGinn allies or staffers who've contributed to the anti-tunnel campaign include: McGinn spokesman Aaron Pickus ($100), People's Waterfront Coalition director Cary Moon ($300), Sierra Club transportation committee chair Tim Gould ($250), Friends of Seattle founder Gary Manca ($250), and Cascade Bicycle Club director Chuck Ayers ($250).

Meanwhile, Seattle Citizens Against the Tunnel (SCAT), which has its own anti-tunnel initiative (it would prohibit tunnel construction), remains more than $1,000 in the red as of Friday. This morning, SCAT sent out an email indicating that the group expected the number of valid signatures it collected to fall short if the current trend (about 70 percent of signatures checking out as valid) holds; however, the group would have 20 days after the election to make up any shortfall.
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