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Lonesome Shack's Mo Better Blues at the Comet Tavern

By Anand Balasubrahmanyan March 11, 2011

Seattle-based blues outfit Lonesome Shack, named literally for the shack that band leader Ben Todd built and lived in for four years, howls like only a person who spends most of  their time talking to themselves can. The band references old time-y, recorded-with-a-can, hill country blues: the guitars are muddy, the singing wild and gruff.

The result is more than a nostalgia act. Lonesome Shack stay focused on the emotions that makes the best American blues so compelling: Their baby's left them, they've drunk with the devil, but after their story gets shared, their shack doesn't seem so lonesome.

9:30pm, Mar 11, Comet Tavern, 922 E Pike St, $8

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