Is Our New Year's Prediction Coming True?

By Josh Feit March 30, 2011

I don't know, but Danny Westneat seems to think so. Westneat has column today where he writes that Mayor Mike McGinn is Tim Eyman.

I agree. In fact, when Erica and I made our new year's predictions back in late December ... well, check out prediction number 14 on our list, right there with "John Diaz is the new Gary Zarker" and "Patty Murray is the new Patty Murray."

And here's Westneat:
Mike McGinn is Tim Eyman. I'm serious. Seattle is being run by Tim Eyman of the left.

The dynamic these past months at City Hall — the political bomb-throwing, the solo rebel taking his anti-tunnel campaign straight to the people, only to be at least temporarily sidelined in court by a Machiavellian ruling class — reads straight from the Eyman script.

Right down to the "us against the world" rhetoric.

"The people have been completely left out of the decision-making process on this," a riled Mayor McGinn told me last month, the day he vetoed the contracts that would build a tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct. "This is supposed to be a democracy, remember?"

Now whatever you think of Eyman, all he does is push voter initiatives.
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