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By Erica C. Barnett March 21, 2011

(Note: Seattle Ethics and Elections chart is out of date.)

With less than a week to collect 16,500 valid signatures (which means, in practice, collecting far more names than that), Protect Seattle Now is reporting contributions of  $33,536---an impressive clip of more than $10,000 a week since the campaign began.

That total doesn't account for a fundraiser at city council member Mike O'Brien's house this past Friday, which reportedly brought in another $1,000 or so.

Notable contributors in the past few days include:

Aaron Pickus, spokesman for the city's most prominent tunnel opponent, Mayor Mike McGinn, gave $100, bringing his total to $300;

Derek Farmer, a mayoral staffer who took a leave of absence to work on the campaign, gave $250;

Jen Nance, another mayoral staffer, gave $50;

Estella Ortega, director of El Centro de la Raza, gave $100;

Tim Keck, publisher of the Stranger, gave $200;

Dominic Holden, news editor of the Stranger, gave $100 (and his mom Glenda gave $50);

Elliott Day, another mayoral staffer, gave $250;

Kris Nyrop, program director at the Defender Association, gave $150; and

Jack Bolton, a public transportation engineer for the state Department of Transportation (notable because WSDOT is the agency that will be building the tunnel), gave $200, bringing his total to $1,500.

We have a call out to Bolton to find out why he contributed to a campaign that would prevent a project planned by his employer.

Overall, the top five employers of contributors to the campaign are: The Mercury Group, McGinn's campaign consultants; the state of Washington; the city of Seattle; Microsoft; and the Stranger. (Caveat: Numerous contributors, including employees of those five but also many others, did not list their employers).
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