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Carrasco Makes Most in City, Diaz In Top Five

By Erica C. Barnett March 4, 2011

The Puget Sound Business Journal has compiled a database of the titles and salaries of every city employee, including the top 15. To find a specific employee, search by name (or simply enter "2010" in the date field to get all city employees).

Seattle City Light director Jorge Carrasco tops out the list---which is dominated by City Light employees and Seattle Police and Fire Department executives---at $225,000 a year. SPD police chief John Diaz, under fire for numerous recent allegations of police brutality, comes in at number 9 with a $188,000 annual salary. Of the top 50 earners, all but five worked for City Light, the fire department, or the police department.

Here's the full top-15 list:

1. Jorge Carrasco, City Light superintendent, $225,057

2. Phillip Leiber, City Light Chief Financial Officer,  $220,000

3. Philip West, City Light Customer Service and Energy Delivery Officer, $220,000

4. Steven Kern, City Light Power Supply & Environmental Affairs Officer, $214,999

5. John Diaz, Seattle Police Chief, $188,000

6. Ray Hoffman, director of Seattle Public Utilities, $187,999

7. Pamela Johnson, City Light asset management director, $182,875

8. Bernard Ziemianek, City Light Energy Delivery Operations director, $178,854

9. Gregory Dean, Seattle Fire Chief, $173,709

10. Kelly Enright, City Light customer care director, $172,423

11. Mike McGinn, Mayor, $169,963

12. Clark Kimerer, Seattle Police Department deputy chief, $169,629

13. Nick Metz, Seattle Police Department deputy chief, $169,629

14. William Hepbern, Seattle Fire Department deputy chief, $168,439

15. John Nelsen, Seattle Fire Department deputy chief, $168,439
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