Why DO Seattle Cops Live In Seattle?

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 25, 2011

Yesterday, as part of our ongoing series on where Seattle cops live, we posted one officer's explanation why they've chosen to live outside of Seattle.

Today, we've got another officer's account of the ups and downs of living in the city while working for SPD:

I have been with SPD for over 30 years and I have lived in Seattle for all of my life except for some brief periods when I tried living in the suburbs for a few months.  I was born in [Seattle] hospital . 

So I am one of the 18 percent who lives here.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I enjoy the convenience and short commute to work.  I do like the idea of serving the city I live in.  I am really bothered by the violence, gang and drug activity.  And of course the political line up we have now.  But all that aside, Seattle is still my home and I feel like I own a piece of it.  The mayor, city attorney, city council, and all the judges are required to live in the city.  So it's logical they might want the police to also.

I have been stalked off duty and confronted at home and on the street by people I have arrested.  I take this very seriously and let them know that.  My son attends a local Seattle high school but there are some schools I would not let him attend.  If I had to leave the city to accomodate him  I suppose I would. I fear for his safety sometimes becaue everyone knows who his dad it.  He could easily be targeted for retaliation so I have taught him how to be watchful.  Other than that I keep my fingers crossed.   The reality is if someone wants to get you bad enough no matter what, they will get you.   I am always armed so if challenged, I'll do what I need to protect myself and son.  

Seattle has its issues but I can live with it.

If you're a Seattle officer, and you'd like to tell us why you do/don't live in Seattle, email me at [email protected] 

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