Two More Reasons To Give Up Smoking

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 2, 2011

As if paying $10 for a pack of lung cancer wasn't bad enough, here are two more reasons (in pure, unadulterated police report form) to quit smoking:

January 29, 2011 at about 01:11 hours I was working uniformed patrol for the City of Seattle with Ofc. Knapp #7435, and we were dispatched to investigate an assault in the 7500 block of 43 AV S. SPD dispatch reported a witness saw 7-10 subjects assaulting her neighbor. I arrived on scene and contacted Victim V/ stated he was standing in his front yard, 75 43 AV S, when he began speaking with a group of Asian males at the apartment complex directly to the south of his residence. V/ stated he asked one of the males for a 'smoke,' and the male responded by saying, 'Fuck you nigga?get your own smoke.' V/ stated something to the effect of, 'Fuck you this is my property.' After V said this, several of the males confronted V/ on his property. V/ stated he feared for his safety so he 'palm' struck one male in the face. V/ stated he was then jumped by '7-10' Asian males. V stated he was knocked to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked in the head. V/ stated one of the Asian males struck him with a glass bottle on the back of the head. V/ stated he never lost unconsciousness, but was in severe pain and discomfort. V/ had multiple lacerations and contusions on his head and face. V/ stated prior to police arriving some of the suspects fled into apartment The other suspects fled in three vehicles: a red/burgundy minivan, red Honda Civic hatchback, and a white Honda Civic hatchback. The vehicles fled in an unknown direction. Officers attempted to contact suspects in apartment with negative results. An area check for the vehicles also returned negative. SFD responded to the scene and treated V injuries. AMR responded to the scene and transported V/ to HMC for medical treatment. V/ stated he would be able to positively identify the suspects. I photographed V injuries and submitted them for processing. I provided a business card and case number.

What? That wasn't enough? OK. Here's more:

Related date/time: Jan-29-2011 0250 On 1-29-2011 I was working uniformed patrol as 3M01. At approximately 0028 hours I was dispatched to 5 AV/ Pine ST to a report of a robbery. The victim reported that he was mugged outside of located at 14 5 AV inside . The victim was identified as W/M/ -1974. V/ reported that at approximately 11:15pm (1-28-2011) he walked outside of the building to smoke a cigarette on 5 AV. V/ stated that he walked around the corner and started to check his messages on his phone when he heard a voice say "Hey, do you have a smoke?" V/ said that he started to turn around and was hit on the back of the head with something hard and fell to the ground. V/ stated he was "groggy, and saw stars." V/ stated that while he was on the ground he felt someone grab his wallet. V/ stated when he got his bearing he stood up and saw his wallet lying on the side walk. V/ reported that a Visa cash card and approximately $400 were missing out of his wallet. V/ stated that he did not have any description of the suspect, only that it was a male. I asked V/ if he had any injuries. V/ stated that he had a head ache and he felt a knot on the back of his head. I observed a knot on the back of V/ 's head. SFD ENG 2 responded to provide V/ with medical assistance. SFD stated that V/ could possibly have a concussion. V/ was provided a SPD business card with a case number. I observed several cameras on the building at 14 5 AV. There were cameras on the west side of the building located at the corner of 5AV/ Pike ST and above the clothing store at mid block on 5 AV. There are also several cameras on the east side of the building. I contacted building security and asked if we could look at the video. The security officer stated that he was not able to review the video and he needed a supervisor to do so. The security officer stated he would leave a note for the supervisor when he returned the next day. I provided the security officer with a SPD business card and case number.

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