The C is for Crank

The War on Pedestrians

By Erica C. Barnett February 7, 2011

A few of the past week's headlines:

No life-threatening injuries in two Capitol Hill car vs. pedestrian incidents

2 pedestrians hit in Spokane street

Girl, 14, killed by hit-run driver in Wapato

Pedestrian struck by car at 18th and Yesler

Hit and run ends after Montlake chase, car hits pedestrian

Pedestrian fatally struck by police car

Naturally, every one of these crashes is described as an "accident," as if they happened by an act of God, and weren't the direct result of the belief that driving is an unalienable right. Of the four fatal auto-bike crashes and 11 fatal auto-pedestrian crashes in 2009, I'm not aware of any that resulted in charges more stringent than a traffic ticket.

If any other mode of transportation caused 40,000 deaths a year (5,000 of them cyclists or pedestrians) people would be howling for tougher laws around the country. Instead, we see those lives as the cost of getting around as quickly as possible.

Just something worth thinking about when you hear people complain that pedestrians are the problem.
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