The Morning Blotter: Pizza Man Delivers Pain Lover's Special To Maple Leaf Robbers

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 10, 2011

A pizza man delivered a piping hot pain lover's special to two robbers in North Seattle last Sunday.

According to a police report, the pizza man parked his car in front of an alleyway at 4th NE and NE 82nd so he could make a delivery to a home on the block.

When he returned to his vehicle, he saw two men in a four-door late 80's-early 90's Honda-ish style sedan, stopped in the road.

It appeared the Honda was trying to pull into the alleyway, which was blocked by the delivery driver's vehicle.

Both of the men in the Honda got out of their car and "voiced their displeasure that [the pizza man] had parked his car in a manner blocking the alley."

The pizza man said he was sorry, and "showed him his pizza delivery bag hoping they would understand the situation."

One of the suspects told him "why don't you give me your wallet to call this even" and moved toward the delivery man.

The delivery man refused to hand over his wallet, and the suspect took a swing at him.

The pizza guy dodged the punch and swung back, striking the suspect in the face, and knocking him backwards.

The second suspect had to catch his accomplice, to prevent him from falling to the ground, the report says.

Just then, another car drove down the street, and the suspects fled.

Police weren't able to find the suspects, but it's probably safe to assume they'll never mess with a pizza man again.

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