The Morning Blotter: Man Pays For Sex, Then Stabs Woman In South Lake Union

By Jonah Spangenthal-Lee February 2, 2011

A woman contacted police last week and reported that a man had stabbed her after he'd paid her for sex during a meeting in South Lake Union.

A police report says the woman met the man near 9th and Harrison around 2:00am sometime between January 11th and 15th.

A police report says the woman told officers had "dated" the man once before, a month and a half earlier, and climbed into his Ford F-150 near 9th and Harrison without giving it a second thought.

The man then drove her to a dead end near Mercer and Pontius Ave, where he paid her $40 for sex.

After they were finished, the woman got out of the vehicle, and reached into the truck to get her purse, when the man reached down near his seat and pulled out a steak knife.

The woman tried to run away, but the man grabbed her and stabbed her in the right shoulder and hip.

The man then reached into the woman's purse and grabbed $180, and threw her purse out the car door before he drove off.

The woman told police the suspect was "very calm" during the incident.

The woman sustained a deep, 3-inch wound on her hip, according to a police report.


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