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Whoops: Rescheduled McGinn Press Conference Conflicts With O'Brien's Tunnel Resolution

By Erica C. Barnett February 28, 2011

Mayor Mike McGinn rescheduled a press conference to discuss this morning's vote on three tunnel agreements just ten minutes before the conference was scheduled to begin. The briefing was originally scheduled for 2:00, and is now starting at 3:00 instead.

The rescheduled briefing now conflicts directly with city council member Mike O'Brien's quixotic introduction of a resolution that would put the agreements to a public vote in August. O'Brien is McGinn's only council ally on the tunnel issue, so it's ironic that the mayor's own anti-tunnel event has been scheduled to conflict directly with O'Brien's resolution, which he'll introduce around 3:00 just five floors down from the mayor's office.

It's unclear why McGinn rescheduled today's briefing---an email from McGinn spokesman Aaron Pickus did not include a reason---but a technical glitch that prevented many reporters from finding out about the briefing could be one explanation.
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